Registration Deadline is October 24, 2016! • If you are on probation, you can vote!

• If you are an ex-felon you can vote!

• If you are serving time in county jail for a misdemeanor, you can vote! (Not 1170h/ab109).

• Vote online:

• Vote #YESONPROP57 & #NOTRUMP on November, 8, 2016!

THE PROBLEM: After decades of criminalizing our youth, “tough on crime” policies, and Gang Enhancements; California prisons have become crowded causing a burden on state spending. Meanwhile, generations of our families and barrios have been torn apart. The D.A.’s power to convict youth as adults, and adding Gang Enhancements to our loved ones sentences are washing away our Raza in the system!

THE SOLUTION: Voting YES on Proposition 57 (The Public Safety and Rehabilitation Act) will reduce state spending, the prison population and the time served in person.

Proposition 57 will:

1) Strip the D.A.'s power to freely "direct file" charge minors as adults without a court hearing (Often youth who the D.A. vaguely deems as gang related).

2) Grants eligibility for parole for non-violent inmates with Gang Enhancements after serving time for their primary offense.

3) Award “early release” credits for good behavior, and participating in rehabilitation, vocational and education programs.



1988: The California Street Terrorism Enforcement and Prevention Act (STEP Act), commonly known as Gang Enhancement Laws passes in 1988 impacting youth of color for the next couple of decades.

• March 2000: California’s Proposition 21, the “Juvenile Justice Initiative” was approved, further criminalizing our youth by giving control to District Attorneys to directly file charges against juvenile offenders in adult court, as well as barring youth to seal their juvenile record even after years of rehabilitation.

• May 2016: Governor Jerry Brown submits nearly a million signatures after a successful statewide petition campaign to have the Public Safety and Rehabilitation Act of 2016 on the November ballot.

•November 2016: Vote Yes On Proposition 57 and No Trump!!!!


What you have to do:

1) Repost the #YESONPROP57 flyer on your social networks and #YESONPROP57

2) Register to Vote, post it on your social networks and #YESONPROP57

3) Vote #YESONPROP57 on November 8, 2016, post it on your social networks and #YESONPROP57